Wallpapers of Tourism – A Good Choice For You to Remember and Dream

Compared with many other mobile wallpapers, wallpapers with the theme of tourism seem to be particular ones that neither jump into downloads top best nor jump out of top 10. Though they are not among the most popular ones, wallpapers of tourism are believed to convey a lot about places of historic interest and scenic beauty. What they present to users remind them to remember their unforgettable and wonderful tour, and make theme harbor the dream to be there where the photographs show them. That there is a certain amount of mobile phone users who are crazy about travel, seem to be the reason why the download amount of tourism wallpapers is stable.

Major tourist attractions include large cities like London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo; seashore areas in warm climates like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean; and ski resorts like those in Switzerland or New England. People linger over these sights in a way that they would not normally do in their home and the vision is objectified or captured through photographs, postcards, films, and of course, wallpapers which enable the memory to be endlessly reproduced and recaptured. Millions of people have visited Niagara Falls, for example. Its reputation as a place for a honeymoon is world-famous. We can image that the lovers who have been there would always remember the romantic atmosphere of their honeymoon while they saw their mobile wallpapers of Niagara Falls.

In fact, it seems that almost any place can become a tourist destination as long as it is different from the place where the traveler usually lives. Tourists tend to visit features of landscape and townscape, which separate them off from everyday experience. The places I mentioned above are definitely taken into consideration as landscape performing in the pictures of wallpapers. These wallpapers whose views are taken to be in some sense out of the ordinary give their users a strong desire to dream if they were there and if they were in the photograph.

Different from many other types of wallpaper, these are affable and true. Although wallpapers of tourism can hardly stand in the download top 3, it cannot be denied that they are indeed good choices for us to remember the past and to dream of the future.


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